First-rate national and international experts propose measures for health systems sustainability


The second international seminar on 'Health and Sustainability', organized by Gesaworld Group, brought together world-class experts who presented solutions to improve the sustainability of health systems worldwide.

Roser Vicente, Director General of Gesaworld Group, pointed out that the seminar 'intends to promote consensus on three key aspects: the basic elements in the assessment of clinical practices and their role encouraging innovation in healthcare processes; innovation and its relation to the management of healthcare institutions; and the strategies to promote ongoing improvement in technology, processes and healthcare models'.

The event was attended by renowned Spanish professionals such as the CEO of Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, Josep M. Piqué, the oncologist Josep Baselga, the IESE professor Pedro Nueno, Montserrat Vendrell, CEO of Biocat and Laura Sampietro-Colom, Deputy Director of innovation of the Hospital Clínic.

There were also international speakers, such as Judy Ann Bigby, Secretary of Health and Human Services of the State of Massachusetts; Januário Montone, Secretary of Health from São Paulo; José Carlos de Souza Abrahão, President of the Brazil National Health Confederation, and Susan Windham-Bannister, President and CEO of Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. Also in attendance were representatives from Johns Hopkins Medicine and Kaiser Permanente.

Some of the measures proposed during the seminar to face the big challenges presented by health systems include the integration and cooperation between healthcare institutions and levels, monitoring results, information systems and telemedicine or changes in payment models.

For more information, consult the attached press release and the web page of the seminar.You can also read a summary of the major topics covered during the event.


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