Gesaworld Group will lead a World Bank project in Tajikistan (Asia)


Last March Gesaworld Group won an international bid funded by the World Bank and executed by the Government of Tajikistan in Asia. Namely, a contract for technical assistance to perform an independent evaluation of quality in the training of family medicine specialists in Tajikistan.

Within the frame of the Community and Basic Health Project, Gesaworld Group will assess the quality in family medicine training programs presently provided by the undergraduate and postgraduate university system of the Republic of Tajikistan. For this reason, diagnostic work will be performed on site and real situation will be analyzed according to internationally  accepted medical standards.

This project is part of a transition process in the country's health system. Its aim, among other objectives, is to reinforce primary care. The reform of the system aims at improving the management and provision of primary care, including the introduction of per capita funding mechanisms, the development of management capabilities and the introduction of family medicine model.

Gesaworld Group thus applies its knowledge and expertise in primary care reform processes to a new institution located in central Asia. In return, the Group expands its global view, learns from new experiences and adds value to the complex change processes in healthcare.

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